INSPIRATION: The Library of Congress as Historical Resource and Jaw-Dropper

I am a total histo-bibliophile and wish that I, like JAY WALKER, had a personal museum of human imagination with an outrageous collection of books, reproductions, artifacts and eccentric objet d'art to keep me constantly entertained and inspired. Instead, I have to be content with the world at my fingertips but never enough time to explore all that lay before them... One of my secret (but not so secret anymore) resources for E&T historical research is the fantastic Library of Congress... I especially take note of font usage and letter spacing.

All images borrowed from our nation's great LIBRARY OF CONGRESS. Before reproducing or using any of the images displayed in this post, refer to The Library of Congress's form on copyright and other restrictions.


Honoring The Home: Commemorating Space in Oil

Before the advent of cameras, those who could afford it hired artists to render their loved ones forever in 2-Dimensions, creating cherished likenesses often hung on walls or kept in lockets. Virginia-born artist, Sarah Dougherty, brings this time-honored tradition to her personal places of interest, taking time to commemorate the interior (and exterior) spaces that have captured her attention and been her numerous homes...

In August at Found Gallery, she did a spacial reconstruction of her Mexican Cottage (where she spent a year being an artist... so jealous! ) and currently has a show at The Green Bean in Greensboro...

She has a book for sale
and for more info, visit
her website

I am just wondering whether she will do custom room portraits; I would have loved one of my long-forgotten childhood home.